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Drivers Applications & Utilities User Manuals & Documentation

im2020 Vista PCL5e Print Driver (EXE, 265KB)
im2020 Win NT 4.0 PCL6 Print Driver (EXE, .5MB)
im2020 Win XP 2K WHQL PCL6 Print Driver (EXE, 626KB)
im2020 Win 98 PCL6 Print Driver (EXE, 600 KB)
im2020 Win 2003 PS PCL WHQL Print Driver (EXE, 1MB)
im2020 Win NT 4.0 PS Print Driver (EXE, 3.2MB)
im2020 Win 2K XP WHQL PS Print Driver (EXE, 346KB)
im2020 Win 98 PS Print Driver (EXE, 304KB)
im2020 Win 2003 PS PCL WHQL Print Driver (EXE, 1MB)
im2020 Mac OSX Print Driver (SIT, 1MB)
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Applications & Utilities
Printer Applications and Utilities
Printer utitlties such as Box Operator, Data Administrator, Direct Print, etc. are available as parts of the OcÚ PRISMAstart software suite. Latest versions of the utitlities are available for download at the OcÚ International web site.
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User Manuals & Documentation
im2020 User Manual Basic Operations (PDF, 4MB)
im2020 User Manual Advanced Operations (PDF, 3MB)
im2020 Network Fax User's Manual (EXE, 2MB)
im2020 Network Management Utility (EXE, 594KB)
im2020/im2520/im2520f/im3520 IP Scanner User Manual (PDF, 840KB)
im2020/im2520/im2520f/im3520 Print Controller User Manual (PDF, 4MB)
im2020/im2520/im2520f/im3520 Printer Mgmt Utility User Manual (PDF, 2.8MB)
im2020/im2520/im2520f/im3520 Quick Guide: Scanner Mode & Printer Mgmt Utility (PDF, 1MB)
im2020/im2520/im2520f/im3520 Quick Start Guide: Print Controller PCL/PS (PDF, 1.4MB)
im2020/im2520/im2520f/im3520 Scanner Mode User Manual (PDF, 4.5MB)
im2020/im2520/im2520f/im3520 Setup Instructions (PDF, 8.8MB)
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