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Construction workflows that leverage color design, documentation and printing provide effective ways to reduce costs for traditional design-bid-build projects. Since collaboration during the estimation, bidding, and construction phases of building extends across multiple stakeholders, the implementation of color documents throughout the entire process can reduce RFI's, estimation contingencies and change orders. Relative to the cost of color printing, benefits can readily exceed a 4:1 ratio, in which each incremental dollar invested in color printing can yield $4 in savings for the project.

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  • On a per project basis, the value of color CAD printing is high, while the cost is negligible relative to the return in savings from comprehensive color workflows that Building Information Modeling (BIM) enables.

  • Despite the potential return and minimal investment requirements, color CAD documentation techniques are generally underutilized in building projects.

  • Compared with the upfront costs required to implement BIM, including software, computing hardware, staffing, and training, color CAD documentation workflows can be implemented more quickly and with less overhead.

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