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A strategic approach to building customer relationships

As companies look for new ways to engage customers, many are finding one of the most promising opportunities uses communications they already send out every month-invoices, statements and notifications. By enriching these documents with the strategic use of color and data-driven promotional messages and offers tuned to consumers' preferences and purchasing patterns, TransPromo can play a key role in achieving company-wide business goals. The objective? To strengthen retention efforts, cross-sell, up-sell, and create profitable new business opportunities for you and your clients.

TransPromo provides an efficient and cost-effective way to grow revenues and enhnace customer loyalty. Why? Transactional documents are trusted customer communications that are expected and read regularly. Given their high read rate they provide a rich opportunity to combine account status data with messages that engage customers in a personal dialog that inspires action. Considering the potential benefits, it's not surprising that the TransPromo opportunity is expected to grow by 91 percent by 2010, especially as competition for customer mindshare and wallet-share intensifies.

However, not all companies have the time, resources or infrastructure to make the transition on their own. That's where OcÚ comes in. We offer a comprehensive suite of TransPromo hardware, software and professional services to help you simplify the transition from standard transactional documents to high-value TransPromo documents that deliver a more satisfying customer experience, build loyalty and create new business opportunities. The toolkit of OcÚ solutions and services can be engaged on an "a la carte" or "end-to-end" basis depending on your unique needs and business objectives. OcÚ solutions include:

OcÚ TransPromo Application Development Services (TADS) including:
  • Application development and design optimization
  • Campaign and statement messaging strategy development
  • Color consultations
  • Application design and usability testing
  • Post-implementation benchmarking
  • Data mining and data metrics
OcÚ TransPromo Support Services for before, during and after implementation:
  • TransPromo strategy development
  • Consulting and workflow analysis
  • Implementation services
  • Custom solution development
  • Project management
  • Customer education
  • Print sample generation
  • Media testing
  • Ongoing support
An extensive portfolio of TransPromo hardware and software products
  • OcÚ Document Designer Advanced software
  • OcÚ PRISMAproduction™ and OcÚ PRISMAaccess™ output management
  • OcÚ JetStream™ family of high-speed color inkjet printers
  • OcÚ ColorStream™ 10000 continuous feed full-color printer
  • OcÚ VarioStream« 9000, and 8000 continuous feed printers
  • OcÚ CS665 Pro full-color cutsheet printer
  • OcÚ VarioPrint« 6000 digital duplex cutsheet printers

Product Literature
TransPromo Support Services Brochure (PDF)
TransPromo White Paper Brochure (PDF)
TADS Brochure (PDF)
TADS in Banking Data Sheet (PDF)
TADS in Credit Cards Data Sheet (PDF)
TADS in Healthcare Data Sheet (PDF)
TADS in Telecommunications Data Sheet (PDF)

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