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OcÚ White Papers

OcÚ offers a variety of free white papers that explore all aspects of digital document management, production, transmission, storage, security and more. In these white papers, industry experts offer advice and ideas that keep you abreast of advancements in imaging technology and business trends.
"Driving Productivity: the Keys to Breakthrough Print Performance"
The print industry is in a state of flux, as print providers wrestle with intense competition, consumer demand for instant turnaround, market consolidation and competition from alternate channels like email and the web. If they are to thrive-or even survive-the shakeout, modern print providers must look beyond traditional tools, services, and cost-cutting measures. This white paper examines the challenges print providers face, keys to driving productivity, strategies for improvement and technological advances that can help print operations run at peak performance. High-volume Production Printing (PDF, 533 KB)
NEW: "The TransPromo Opportunity: the Win-Win Integration of Transactional Documents with Marketing Messages"
TransPromo-hybrid communications that marry traditional transactional documents like invoices and statements with highly targeted marketing messages-is one of the hottest trends to emerge on the document horizon. However, while TransPromo offers exciting opportunities to capture mindshare, cross-sell, up-sell and inform customers, it arrives with its own set of challenges. This white paper explores the factors fueling the TransPromo phenomenon, the challenges, strategies and technologies involved in creating an effective TransPromo infrastructure. High-volume Production Printing (PDF, 1.09 MB)
"OcÚ Job Appropriate Color: the Color You Need When You Need It"
The world of digital color is exploding as costs come down and the choice of digital technology innovations expands. However, just how much color is required to make a job effective depends on the purpose of the document and business requirements. This white paper invites readers to understand how different levels of color make a difference in common applications, explores "color basics" and surveys some of the technologies available to add impact to documents with just the right amount of color.High-volume Production Printing (PDF, 1.15 MB)
NEW: "GIS Technology Trends"
The overall growth in GIS applications is creating the need for more complex and sophisticated scans and plots. This whitepaper looks at how OcÚ has looked at existing technology and found ways to improve upon it. Wide Format Printing (PDF, 322 KB)
NEW: "Environmental Sustainability - Why Green Business is Good Business"
Inefficient printing can have a significant impact on the environment. OcÚ offers several white papers to help you assess how your document management process impacts environmental sustainability. Plus, you'll discover actions you can take to insure that your business is printing in a sustainable manner whether your applications are standard office copying and printing, centralized printing in a printroom, high-volume production printing or wide format printing.
Sustainability: Office, Printroom and Production Printing Applications (PDF, 695KB)
Sustainability: Wide Format Printing Applications (PDF, 904KB)
Moving from aqueous to solvent inkjet makes sense
This whitepaper takes a look at the technology advances in display graphics inkjet printing and presents a compelling case why it now makes sense for shops to consider moving from aqueous to solvent printing technology. Learn how simply switching ink technologies can save you tens of thousands of dollars per year. Wide Format Printing (PDF, 147 KB)
Cyon Research White Paper: Managing AEC Print Workflow – A Look at OcÚ Repro Desk« Professional
OcÚ Repro Desk Professional is a software tool for reprographic firms and their customers to streamline the production and workflow of printed documents. In this white paper, Cyon Research addresses the issues that this software is designed to resolve and looks at the software in that context. Wide Format Printing (PDF, 77 KB)
"Why Should GIS Operators Care About Printing?"
Most GIS operators don't spend much time thinking about their color printer. But just hooking up a wide format color printer to a network and clicking the print button will often not lead to the optimum result, resulting in either waste or unnecessary delays. This whitepaper examines the trade-offs in selecting the right print mode, using the right type of paper, and processing large color files. It discusses how to optimize printing from a GIS and the key requirements GIS operators should look for when deciding which print system is right for them. The end result will be more time to focus on key GIS activities with a print system that supports a variety of printing jobs in the optimum way. Wide Format Printing (PDF, 1.1 MB)
"JDF. New Power for the Graphic Arts Industry"
The print-for-pay and graphic arts industries face tremendous business challenges. This white paper explores the ways that the new Job Definition Format (JDF) is delivering higher levels of efficiency and productivity by providing a standard set of pre-defined data connections between systems and workflow steps associated with the creation, pre-press, production, finishing and distribution of digital and printed documents. High-volume Production Printing (PDF 351 KB)
"Building a Print Infrastructure Superhighway"
In too many organizations, data centers, in-house printshops and networked offices are isolated departments that maintain duplicate sets of processes, applications, software and hardware – all requiring specialized IT support teams. In this environment, an intelligent print infrastructure is the critical "superhighway," and architected workflow management software is the "GPS navigation system." This white paper explains how to build a print infrastructure that capitalizes on existing resources and capacity to maximize your print investment. High-volume Production Printing (PDF 338 KB)
"Ensuring Document Infrastructure Security"
In an age when increased security levels are high on corporate and government agendas, the importance of protecting data, documents, systems and processes is a growing concern. From financial documents and medical records to legal and technical documents, document security is one of the modern IT department's greatest challenges. This white paper examines strategies that organizations can implement to control and monitor access and use to protect their most valuable asset - their organizational intelligence. High-volume Production Printing (PDF 307 KB)
"Building a Relentless Workflow - Digital File Submission"
A continuing stream of innovative new digital technologies continues to reshape the digital print industry. Virtually all documents are created digitally and virtually all print shops offer at least some digital print capabilities. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, the key to survival is an agile operation that keeps pace with the equipment and demands of the market. This white paper explores the impact and advantages of building a "relentless workflow" that integrates convenient digital file submission capabilities. High-volume Production Printing (PDF 292 KB)
"Exposing and Controlling Office Document Costs. Leverage System Document Output Design to Generate Big Savings"
As experts continue to forecast migration to the paperless office, paper volumes continue to rise – as do the costs and difficulties of managing document processes. This white paper explores the hidden costs embedded in seemingly up-to-date but often unplanned office printing environments and provides a step-by-step strategy for overcoming document inefficiencies. Office Printing (PDF 380 KB)
"Streamlining Order Management and Job Submission with e-commerce Solutions"
The on-demand business model is revolutionizing the print-for-pay industry. As it does, the systematic "digitization of everything" is transforming the entire production process from job submission through uploading and proofing files, managing variable data jobs, and production. This white paper covers the trends and challenges facing today's print providers, and examines the growing need for e-commerce solutions that streamline job ordering, submission, tracking, management, and production and open up new revenue-generating opportunities through personalization and VDP. High-volume Production Printing (PDF 379 KB)
"Optimizing Document Workflow in Specific Business Environments. Tactical Considerations for Department Heads, IT Professionals, and Production Managers"
While scores of companies are implementing continuous improvement programs to transform business processes, document production is frequently overlooked as an area for improvement. This white paper analyzes tough, environment-specific workflow challenges and builds a strong case for implementing solutions that optimize performance in four major business environments – on demand, transactional, CRDs, and networked offices – to drive efficiency and reduce costs. High-volume Production Printing (PDF 410 KB)
"Building Highly Effective Workflows. Strategic Considerations For Executives, Department Heads, and IT Professionals"
Workflow is the key to competitive advantage, an engine for growth, and an essential tool for increasing market share and productivity. This white paper provides executives, department heads and IT professionals with an inside look at how convergence is driving the need for new workflow models, characteristics of an effective workflow and the importance of solutions that are comprehensive, compatible and consistent. High-volume Production Printing (PDF 367 KB)
"Enterprise Workflow Applications: A Benchmark Comparison"
Are you facing the challenge of implementing cohesive workflow solutions across all your business environments? MWA Consulting Inc. has conducted an independent study (April 2004) analyzing the workflow solutions of major printing and multi-function vendors: EFI, IBM, OcÚ and Xerox. This white paper addresses numerous functions, operational groups and capabilities. High-volume Production Printing (PDF 174 KB)
"Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act -- Printing Implications for financial Institutions and Service Bureaus"
The U.S. government drafted and enacted the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act to improve efficiency of the U.S. payment systems and minimize risky dependence on planes, trucks and trains to transport paper checks. This white paper explores the impact of the Check 21 Act, its implications for financial institutions and service bureaus, related opportunities and challenges, and several solutions that OcÚ offers to enable customers to take advantage of the Check 21 legislation. High-volume Production Printing (PDF 1.8 MB)
"Scanning for a Disaster: A Cyon Research White Paper"
Consider this: If your facility was inaccessible, could you find the plans for it? And if you could, how long would it take? If you don't have good answers to these questions, you're not alone. Very few organizations could put their hands on their facility plans quickly in the event of a disaster or homeland security emergency. Fortunately, the process of scanning and making these plans available quickly to the right people is not complicated, difficult, or particularly expensive. Wide Format Printing (PDF 58KB)
"Convergence and the Document" – Solutions for a Changing Workplace
Find out how you can solve the convergence dilemma, bridge your transactional printing and production publishing environments, and control and manage your document creation and delivery processes. High-volume Production Printing (PDF 40 KB)
"Strategies for Streamlining Digital Document Workflow"
Investigate document workflows in both corporate and commercial environments, the top four challenges of an underpowered workflow and how to improve efficiency in your digital production process through a flexible and intelligent digital workflow management solution. High-volume Production Printing (PDF 847 KB)
"More Than Dots and Pixels" – Measuring Quality for Black & White and Spot Color Printing
As printing technology continues to evolve, it is increasingly important to understand the measures that ultimately make up what we describe as "print quality", and how they shape our experiences, expectations and applications of printed documents. Find out what key questions you should ask customers in planning for success and in deciding what is "good enough" when it comes to print quality.High-volume Production Printing (PDF 1.1 MB)
"Streamlining Document Flow in University Environments"
Examine typical document flow and applications in higher education settings, the leading challenges of managing and distributing output, and key considerations in developing a distributed output management strategy. High-volume Production Printing (PDF 535 KB)
"The Power of Versatility" – The Essential Ingredient for Success in Information Management
If there is a single defining characteristic for business success today, it is versatility. Read how OcÚ's most versatile systems are equal or superior to every challenge and are scalable to grow and adapt with users' changing needs and with future advances in technology. High-volume Production Printing (PDF 944 KB)
"Choosing the Right Digital Flatbed Printer"
Digital flatbed printing is the hot new technology. It offers many benefits: reduced set-up costs, faster job turnaround, printing onto a wider range of rigid and flexible substrates, reduced or eliminated workflow bottlenecks, and reduced materials and operating costs. It also promises to open new markets, from traditional POP / display graphics to unique items such as custom furniture. Learn how to choose the right flatbed printer with this OcÚ white paper. Wide Format Printing (PDF 538 KB)
"Future-Proofing Your Business"
Learn how to achieve convergence-ready versatility and adaptability for work without worry with OcÚ's Adaptable Imaging Architecture. High-volume Production Printing (PDF 836 KB)
"Direct Mail in the Internet Age – Why Paper Mail is Anything but Endangered"
If your livelihood depends on a steady flow of mail it's certain that the Internet and improving mail security and integrity are topics high on your list of concerns. Learn more about how OcÚ is responding to your need for better document integrity, automation, and security. High-volume Production Printing (PDF 685 KB)
"Exposing Hidden Costs: Taming the Exploding Expense of Desktop Printing"
Despite promises of "paperlessness," office printer output continues to increase at double-digit rates. Offices are now fully stocked with fleets of desktop printers, churning out reams of documents with ease, but building substantial, unseen costs into the office infrastructure. Learn how to achieve greater user productivity by giving every user access to every printer in the office. Office Printing (PDF 240 KB)
"Forms are everybody's business"
This white paper takes a closer look at business forms and describes the cost elements that are involved in the different working methods of producing forms. A case study is included to illustrate this cost-comparison. High-volume Production Printing (PDF 98 KB)
"Mastering Convergence. Key Steps for Managing Digital Document Production"
Convergence is the merging of multiple organizations, applications, documents, and workflows – and it's a trend that's impacting every aspect of document production in virtually every environment and industry group. This white paper explores the nature of convergence, converging pressures, the impact of convergence on print operations and businesses, and strategies for mastering it to create value and gain an edge. High-volume Production Printing (PDF 219 KB)
Imageware Remote Service
This document is intended for the IT administrators who would like to study the security features, system architecture and network impact of Canon U.S.A 's imageWARE Remote service.

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