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OcÚ Professional Services
The OcÚ Solution Delivery Process
A Framework for Delivering Solutions that Achieve Your Business Goals
With the development of smarter software, the growth of the Internet, and increasingly complex workflows, today's printing and document solutions offer possibilities that were unimaginable just ten years ago. Whether you have a corporate reprographic print center, a host-based printing environment or a commercial publishing operation, every aspect of your document production workflow is being affected by change. As a result, succeeding in the new digital economy means finding ways to compete more effectively and implementing them flawlessly. At the same time, technical resources are limited and the need to focus on core business activities is more important than ever.

The key to success is a blueprint for future growth -- and a business partner with the resources, experience, and professional services expertise to help you manage change and transform challenges into profitable opportunity. Leveraging the knowledge, skills, and proven methodologies of experienced professional services experts enables you to translate your vision into a sustainable business initiative that delivers real results. The OcÚ Professional Services Group delivers solutions based on a structured, yet flexible methodology -- the OcÚ Solution Delivery Process (SDP).

The Key Stages of the OcÚ Solution Delivery Process
OcÚ Orientation, Investigation, Analysis and Design Services
OcÚ Implementation Services
OcÚ Software Support Services
OcÚ Customer Education Services
The OcÚ Solution Delivery Process integrates guidelines, principles, and best practices with a deep understanding of the software and professional services market. Based on clear responsibilities, clear steps, and clear end results, SDP optimizes solutions delivery and knowledge leadership to help you achieve your business goals and do more with fewer resources, while maintaining service levels and increasing productivity.

Whatever the size of your project, you benefit from OcÚ's strength as a global organization with extensive in-house resources, strategic partnerships, and real solutions to real business challenges.

Emphasis on excellence
Backed by more than 125 years of experience and OcÚ's emphasis on excellence as evidenced in ISO 9002 quality certification and ISO 9002 factory certification, confirming fulfillment of both national and international quality requirements
Enhanced efficiency
Best-in-class solutions based on proven and extensible hardware and workflow management software solutions built to keep pace as your requirements change
Improved productivity
Freedom to focus on core competiencies and to differentiate products and services through support for a wide range of digital tools, technologies and solutions
Increased cost-effectiveness and profitability
Customized solutions that integrate smoothly into your existing environment and optimize the value of your existing systems
The ability to offer new products and services
Improved processes to enable new revenue-generating opportunities while implementing investment protection and scalability with solutions that enhance productivity and integrate a flexible blueprint that supports future growth initiatives
Shorter time to revenue
An integrated, collaborative approach that allows OcÚ to partner with your technical and business professionals to develop solutions that deliver real results in a timely manner
A stronger competitive position
Competitive advantage with solutions that position your print operation to benefit from converging print operations and complete projects on time and within budget

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