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Hardware Support

Dedicated to high quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction

Key features of OcÚ Service and Support

  • More than 700 technical professionals in the United States
  • Service coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • 2- to 4-hour on-site response time (model specific)
  • 98.5% equipment uptime performance
    (based on 720 hours per month over a 3-month average)
  • Highly trained and experienced technical staff
  • End-to-end service support extending well beyond the system

OcÚ Service Support Escalation — Example

Downtime costs money. When problems do arise, OcÚ's service support organization is prepared to take action. From the moment your call is placed to OcÚ's Dispatch Center, it is tracked and escalated to the expertise level required to get you up and running.

Customer places call to Dispatch 0
Technician receives notification of call from Dispatch 4-6 min.
Technician phone response (ETA or phone fix) Within 1 hr.
Technician arrives on site (model-specific response time) 2-4 hrs.
Technician contacts next support level and manager (after site visit) Within 2 hrs.
National Tech Specialist contacted, if necessary 6+ hrs.
Manager and National Tech Specialist arrive on site, if necessary 8+ hrs.
Manager contacts Service Director 12 hrs.

End-to-End Service Support... there when you need us.

What you don't see is just as important as what you do see. The complexity of producing documents extends well beyond the system installed at your site and the field personnel who support you. OcÚ North America Service is dedicated to ensuring that your operation achieves maximum productivity at all times.

To meet this goal, our 80+ support and training specialists at our Chicago and Boca Raton headquarters provide post-sales support to our field personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Uniting hardware and software support personnel eliminates the hassle of determining "is it a hardware or software issue?"; either way, it is handled by the Technical Support Center (TSC).

The TSC provides the following specialized support services:

    National Technical Support (NTS) — NTS Specialists provide hardware support for our systems. They have direct access to our Engineering and Development groups at our manufacturing facilities in Venlo, Netherlands, and Poing, Germany, and they perform initial product testing before new products are released.

    Project and Engineering Support (PES) — This group is chartered with testing, certification, and support for the pre- and post-processing equipment used with our systems. They provide an interface directly to the equipment manufacturer when needed. PES is also actively involved with testing new throughput materials and printer consumables.

    Technology and Software Support — This group is responsible for traditional mainframe CPU connectivity (Bus/Tag, ESCON, SCSI, TCP/IP), and channel extender support. They work closely with our field Systems Engineers and Region Software Specialists, as well as our support groups in Poing. OcÚ has mainframe and extender equipment in our lab that allows these specialists to duplicate multiple field environments for applications testing and trace analysis.

    Printserver Support — OcÚ offers a family of Printserver models that can be used to attach our printers to a wide range of host systems to provide unparalleled connectivity. Our support specialists have training and experience with the server hardware platforms, base server operating systems, and multiple data streams. This unique combination allows OcÚ to support all server hardware and software issues within one group.

    Technical Education — The certified equipment trainers in OcÚ's Technical Education Centers to provide top-level technical training to our field personnel. Classes range from 2 days to 3 weeks or more, depending on the complexity of the equipment. Field performance metrics are tied back to the training center to ensure superior training.

    Support Desk — When a call is escalated from the field to the Technical Support Center during a normal workday, it goes directly to our Support Desk. This group ensures that each call is logged in our internal problem tracking system so that we can monitor its status at all times. The problem/resolution information collected in this knowledge-based system is also used to update our training and service procedures and is released into our Knowledge base for field use in problem solving. Support Desk personnel also screen incoming calls and pass them directly to the appropriate pre-sales or post-sales support group to eliminate delays.

    Dispatch Center — The direct link between our customers and the field service personnel is our National Dispatch Center. Completely automated end-to-end, this center is staffed to ensure that customer calls are dispatched to our Field Engineers promptly to achieve our phone response window of within 1 hour. Our dispatchers have the technical training to screen calls and work through less-complex issues over the phone, reducing customer downtime. Back-up procedures with complete call rerouting are in place to ensure that, no matter what the situation, customer calls are received and dispatched immediately to field personnel.

    OcÚ's commitment to a single-point source for technical support helps to ensure that your print operation achieves maximum efficiency.

For Nationwide Service & Support, call 1-800-892-7677 or 1-800-662-2966.

For a complete listing of OcÚ equipment and software service contact information, consult the OcÚ Customer Service Center.

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