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Acquisition Alternative Programs

OcÚ Financial Services, Inc.

Acquisition Alternatives

At OcÚ, we value every relationship with every customer, and we work hard to develop solutions that meet our customers' needs.

All of the Acquisition Alternatives detailed below are available with three- to five-year terms. These may be customized to fit your budget and buying criteria, as well as tailored to fit within your operating or capital budgets. Both Fair Market Value and varied Fixed Purchase option plans are available.

Acquisition Alternatives
  • Term Rental –Term Rental is the most popular leasing program among OcÚ customers. It is a bundled payment program that includes both OcÚ hardware/software and maintenance on a single contract and may also include supplies. In conjunction with this contract, customers must sign the OcÚ North America Customer Agreement.

  • Term Lease –Term Lease is an unbundled payment program for OcÚ hardware/software only and is designed for customers who require separate billing for equipment servicing. Maintenance, overages and supplies will be billed separately through the OcÚ North America Customer Agreement.

  • Master Lease – Master Lease is recommended for transactions that include multiple units and/or repeat customers. The Master Contract simplifies the process so that terms, conditions, and lease schedules need only be negotiated once for any OcÚ hardware and software leases. Lease Schedules may reflect bundled or unbundled solutions, and the OcÚ North America Master Contract used with this program covers the terms and conditions for maintenance, overages, and supplies.
Who should sign the documentation?

An authorized representative of your company is required to sign the documentation. If the transaction is less than $50,000, OcÚ requires a manager level (or higher) signature. For transactions greater than $50,000, a corporate officer level (or higher) is required. For leases over $500,000, an incumbency certificate will be required, confirming that the individual signing the documents has the appropriate authority.

Additional important information
OcÚ Financial Services' Federal Tax ID number is 06-1222739, and the DUNS number is 62-333-8670. Please include your Federal Tax ID number on the OFSI contracts for compliance with the U.S. Patriot Act. If you have any questions, please contact your OcÚ sales representative.

For additional information about OcÚ Acquisition Alternative programs, call 1-800-28-CLOSE, or e-mail us at

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