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OcÚ TDS450 Digital Multifunction System

The benchmark system in entry level digital copying, printing and scanning

OcÚ TDS450 Digital Multifunction System
(Note: The new OcÚ TDS450 replaces the OcÚ TDS400)
Flexible configurations – fits into your environment
Enhanced communications with advanced scanning options
Optimized workflow – increases productivity
High-quality 600 dpi output
Intuitive interface – saves time and effort
Fast – 2 E-size prints per minute
Free Download Wide Format Printer Buyer's Guide (PDF)
Customized settings save time and effort
A user-friendly control panel and 5 customizable default scan-to-file and copy templates on the scanner control panel give users the results they need at the touch of a single button. There are no complex operations. Employees can easily perform system functions on the first try, eliminating costly trial and error.
Advanced scanning options, including color, enhance communications
Cutting-edge scanning technology makes it easy to digitize your physical archive. You'll save hours or even days in the review/distribution process.
  • The color scanning option gives you the ability to quickly and easily capture redlined or color mark up drawings in a digital form for distribution and archiving. OcÚ brings you one step closer to a color workflow, even if you may not be ready for full production color printing.
  • 10 scan-to-file destination options that include scanning to the controller, scanning to network locations or scanning to FTP enable you to share and store digital images in one step.
Streamlined output generation increases productivity
The OcÚ TDS450 minimizes the time employees spend at the system. Robust job submission tools, intuitive user controls and automatic functions (including auto width detection, roll selection and set collation) maximize your workflow.
OcÚ Power Logic« controller for centralized process management
The OcÚ Power Logic controller is the key to the productivity of OcÚ TDS systems.
  • Large files are processed fast.
  • Concurrent scanning, copying, and printing minimizes queue length and employee downtime.
  • Cutting-edge queue management enables the prioritization and reprinting of copy and print jobs.
  • Supports all standard file formats, so print jobs can be sent from any location.
  • Feedback on printer and job status makes the system even more user-friendly.
Learn more about the OcÚ Power Logic« Controller (PDF) 
OcÚ Account Center turns printing costs into income
Organizations that find it difficult to control and allocate costs will find that the optional OcÚ Account Center software is a reliable and easy-to-use tool for cost recovery. You can track all the printing, copying and scanning activities of the system and allocate the costs to the users, departments and projects to which they belong. OcÚ Account Center ensures reimbursement by turning those costs into chargeable income.
Learn more about OcÚ Account Center« Software (PDF) 
Breakthrough Print Quality
  • Unique 600-dpi quality ensures excellent reproduction of sharp lines, smooth curves, and fine details, producing brilliant renderings of 3-D drawings and intricate graphics.
  • You'll project a professional image with every print – and gain the edge when tendering a bid or presenting a concept.
OcÚ Image Logic® technology offers superior copy quality
OcÚ Image Logic was developed by OcÚ with the objective that all originals should be copied or scanned to file with the optimum quality level the first time, without any operator intervention except in the case of special or difficult originals.

OcÚ Image Logic is a state-of-the-art technology that provides the most productive, reliable, and easy to use solution for high quality copying and scanning available on the market. OcÚ Image Logic consistently turns imperfect originals into perfect copies and scans.
Learn more about OcÚ Image Logic® (PDF) 
Zero warm-up time means no waiting for your prints
The low operating temperature needed to fuse the toner to the media means OcÚ Radiant Fusing products are instant-on. Employees don't need to stand around waiting for the printer to warm up. Additionally, this technology produces very low noise, heat and ozone emissions ensuring a comfortable work environment.
Learn more about OcÚ Radiant Fusing Technology (PDF) 
Proven reliability minimizes downtime
Reliability and flexibility are trademarks of OcÚ technologies – ensuring the ability to meet your tough deadlines. OcÚ systems are highly regarded for their continuous, trouble-free performance – minimizing system and employee downtime.
Learn more about the OcÚ TDS450

OcÚ TDS450 Brochure (PDF)
OcÚ TDS450 Spec Sheet (PDF)
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Product Literature
OcÚ TDS450 Brochure (PDF)
OcÚ TDS450 Spec Sheet (PDF)
OcÚ TDS450 Key Benefits (PDF)

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