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OcÚ CPS800 and OcÚ CPS900

Ground-breaking digital color printing systems

  • Automatic color consistency, without calibration
  • Full-engine-speed printing on a wide range of media
  • OcÚ Direct Imaging technology

Adding color to your documents is one of the best ways to generate attention in today's tough business environment. Color makes documents stand out, accelerates learning, and gets results. However, conventional color systems can be complicated to operate, expensive to run, fluctuate in speed and require constant adjustments.

The OcÚ CPS800 and OcÚ CPS900 color production systems set a bright new standard for digital color printing. They incorporate innovative technology to bring you unequalled quality, reliability, consistency, and ease-of-use. The OcÚ CPS800 color copier/printer and the OcÚ CPS900 color printer are ideal for professional corporate and commercial production environments. Both produce photo-quality output with an offset look and feel and consistent performance across all media – without calibration.

"Jam free" OcÚ color copy press technology
No user calibration required – EVER
Use virtually any media through the normal paper path
Achieve consistent color quality throughout the entire run, across all media, regardless of the length of the job
Innovative direct imaging technology brings you unequalled productivity, reliability, ease of use and stability
Print jobs faster without the hassle associated with conventional color machines
Color consistency without user calibration – EVER
Because the OcÚ CPS800 and OcÚ CPS900 systems are not subject to temperature and humidity changes, do not use developer, and eliminate the degrading components found in conventional color systems, you can count on consistent color output and performance from the first image to the last with no user calibration – EVER.
Output with an offset look and feel
With patented Color Copy Press technology, images are pressed into the fibers of the paper. The result is output that looks and feels like offset printing.
Flexible finishing
Designed for flexible finishing connectivity, the OcÚ CPS800 and CPS900 systems easily connect to a full range of OcÚ and third party finishing systems.
No cracking or peeling of images
The OcÚ CPS800 and CPS900 systems use OcÚ seven color imaging technology. Unlike conventional color processes that layer toner to achieve desired results and are susceptible to cracking and peeling, OcÚ technology lays colors side by side onto an imaging drum and then presses a single layer of toner onto the paper, so there's no cracking and peeling. As a result, output can be folded, scored, and trimmed as soon as it's printed.
Media handling flexibility
For maximum flexibility, the OcÚ CPS800 and CPS900 systems can print on embossed, textured, or coated papers, overhead transparencies, and heavy media at full engine speed.
Low fusing temperature with no paper curling
OcÚ Color Copy Press technology requires substantially less heat to process images. This means that there's no paper curling and your output is ready to use immediately.
High reliability
The short paper path of the OcÚ Color Copy Press design ensures that you have a system that is virtually jam-free. This means that you spend your time generating first-class color output instead of clearing jams, for a higher level of productivity.
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Product Literature
CPS800 Platinum Brochure (PDF)
CPS900 Platinum Brochure (PDF)
OcÚ CPS800 Platinum Data Sheet (PDF)
OcÚ CPS900 Platinum Data Sheet (PDF)
Color Production Tandem Data Sheet (PDF)
Health, Safety and Environmental Strengths of OcÚ CPS Systems (PDF)


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