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OcÚ PRISMAsatellite™ for Transaction

Intelligence-based output management system that accelerates and controls your output

Don't let an outdated output distribution system compromise the integrity of your communications, your decisions - or your revenue stream. The OcÚ PRISMAsatellite for Transaction Output Management Solution automates output distribution to ensure that the right documents get to the right recipients - on time all the time. With Oce PRISMAsatellite for Transaction you can print remotely to a network printer, send checks to your finance department, accelerate forms creation using electronic forms - and leverage the convenience of email and the Internet to get bills to clients on time.
Accelerate time-to-decision by delivering information directly to those with decision-making responsibility
Deliver the right message with E-forms
Streamline the process, save money with intelligent processing
Accelerate time-to-decision by delivering information directly to those with decision-making responsibility
Designed with an open architecture, OcÚ PRISMAsatellite for Transaction enables you to maximize control over your business-critical output while maintaining the personalized delivery and timing that you need. This software helps you oversee the entire output process allowing you to deliver information directly to those with decision-making responsibility. With OcÚ PRISMAsatellite for Transaction, you can:
  • Efficiently process and control your incoming data from almost every software and platform
  • Monitor the progress of your production and devices with relevant report information
  • Distribute data to the most appropriate output device - a local printer, a central print shop, a remote printer, email, or the web
  • Speed dissemination of time-sensitive data, bypassing traditional distribution methods
  • Ensure your output will be on time, where and when it's needed
Deliver the right message with E-forms
Output control can provide you with the means to accelerate your workflow but what about the quality of your communications? Are you speaking to your individual customers? Can your documents be more effective to bring in more business? You can support document composition/E-forms overlay applications, intelligent document flow and output management with OcÚ PRISMAsatellite for Transaction for mid-range ERP environments. OcÚ integrates E-forms and output management into a one-server concept. E-forms help you deliver the right messages and enhance your documents to achieve your communication goals.

Streamlining your document production with E-forms allows you to:
  • Quickly create specific, data-driven communications such as student grade reports, class schedules, transcripts, and invoices
  • Add custom messages and personalize documents to individual recipients' needs
  • Eliminate expensive pre-printed forms and the space needed to store them
  • Add color to documents to highlight text or logos for a call to action
Streamline the process, save money with intelligent processing
With OcÚ PRISMAsatellite for Transaction productive intelligent processing, you can streamline your workflow and save money. This software's flexible recognition capabilities enable you to automatically process your critical output, speed up the workflow, and reduce the need for operator intervention. You can choose how you want to distribute your digital output so jobs are produced where they are needed. This will significantly reduce your distribution time and costs - to internal and remote locations.
  • Variable data printing will add value to your critical documents and eliminate the need for pre-printed forms, saving resources
  • Operators can easily make manual adjustments as needed, as your daily workflow requirements and priorities change. For instance, jobs can be reprinted and redirected when necessary - without IT specialist intervention.
Product Literature
OcÚ PRISMAsatellite for Transaction Datasheet (PDF)

Product Literature
OcÚ PRISMA Workflow White Paper (PDF)

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