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OcÚ PRISMA™ - An Architected Family of Workflow Software Solutions

A Family of Workflow Software Solutions for Every Stage of the Document Life Cycle

As the number of print jobs grows, print runs get shorter, and new applications emerge, print operations like yours face mounting operational challenges.

These challenges include the time, money, and resources spent preparing documents - which can account for up to 92 percent of document production costs. Challenges like multi-vendor, multi-location environments that create system, device, and output incompatibilities. And challenges like idle time, downtime, job delays, and inefficiencies that impact revenue flow, cost-efficiency, and profitability. And finally, the growing need to manage output errors that are difficult to detect and time-consuming to resolve. All of these factors and more create a direct and measurable effect on production costs and future revenues.

Addressing the critical need for a digital document workflow solution that eliminates problems and builds efficiency and profitability into your business processes, OcÚ has developed the OcÚ PRISMATM family of workflow management software solutions.

An Architected Family of Workflow Management Software Solutions

Building on a long-standing commitment to providing best-in-class solutions that enable flexible adaptability to changing requirements and the complexities of multi-vendor operations, OcÚ has invested millions of dollars and more than two decades of research and development in the OcÚ PRISMA family of scalable, digital workflow management software solutions designed to address today's corporate and commercial print operations' biggest challenges.

OcÚ PRISMA is an architected family of workflow management software solutions that allow organizations to maximize the performance and cost-effectiveness of multi-vendor operations independent of location, system, or print device. OcÚ PRISMA eliminates the inconsistencies, investment redundancies, and many of the thorniest issues that plague both single- and multi-vendor workflows.

For example, as multi-vendor, multi-location environments create system, device, and output incompatibilities that force organizations to maintain duplicate sets of equipment and operational staff, OcÚ PRISMA transforms challenges into choice-without-compromise opportunities by supporting document workflows for OcÚ and other output devices.

Key Capabilities

Using industrial grade servers to connect and share diverse print devices and unify staff resources, OcÚ PRISMA provides a cross-vendor workflow solution that enables print operations to eliminate redundancies and distribute to, and manage, any number of output devices, regardless of location or vendor with key capabilities that include:

  • Automated workflow steps - streamlining the costly and time-consuming process of document preparation, OcÚ PRISMA automated workflow tools reduce or eliminate manual workflow steps to maximize workflow efficiency and accelerate project turnaround for greater cost-effectiveness and faster time-to-revenue.
  • Multi-vendor print serving - powerful, cross-platform output servers connect multiple devices and automatically support a wide range of print languages. Specifically designed for today's complex and diverse output environments, OcÚ PRISMA enables distribution to and central management of any number of OcÚ and non-OcÚ output devices, eliminating multi-vendor incompatibilities and redundancies.
  • Unified operations management - providing complete control to oversee operations in one production site, or many. OcÚ PRISMA delivers robust job management and optimizes device utilization for maximum uptime, efficiency, and ROI.
  • Intelligent problem resolution- addresses the time-consuming and costly problems of detecting and recovering from errors, with automatic tracking, inspection of output, and reprinting of missing or damaged documents throughout the print, insertion, and mailing process.

OcÚ PRISMA Modules

OcÚ PRISMA workflow solutions offer a multitude of options to eliminate waste and increase productivity, with the following modules:

PRISMAtoolsTM - a series of software products and utilities for document scan and make-ready, accurate on-line proofing, web-based ordering, impositioning and print resource manipulation that streamline document composition and preparation.

PRISMAenterpriseTM - provides overall management and common control capabilities for today's extensive range of single and multi-site document production environments, enabling central control of multiple OcÚ and non-OcÚ devices.

PRISMAaudit® - developed to enable Automated Document Factory (ADF) capabilities; PRISMAaudit tracks documents, devices, and data integrity for seamless control of every job in the production process, with automatic reprinting of lost or damaged jobs.

PRISMAproductionTM - server-based software solutions for pre-press and print management requirements to facilitate enhanced connectivity, compatibility, and multiple-PDL support to single or multiple OcÚ - or other vendor's -printing devices.

PRISMAsatelliteTM - an integrated output management system that extends production-class printing power and control to office, central reproduction department (CRD), and mid-range electronic data processing (EDP) environments.

PRISMAarchiveTM - a family of solutions that enables high-speed digital archival and retrieval of print data, with support for a full range of languages, formats, and on-screen viewing capabilities.
Automated workflow tools enable you to maximize workflow efficiency, accelerating project turnaround for greater cost-effectiveness and faster time to revenue.
Ability to eradicate system and staffing redundancies in your workflow, using industrial-grade servers to connect and share diverse print devices and unify staff resources
Maximum uptime and efficiency with increased control to oversee operations, manage jobs and optimize device utilization
New levels of production quality by automatically detecting, preventing or quickly recovering from production errors
Flexibility to adapt to, and integrate with your infrastructure to meet your precise needs for the long term.
Automates tasks to remove expensive manual steps from the production process
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