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PageStream Plus Continuous Form Simplex Printers

A family of simplex continuous form printers that grow to meet your expanding needs

All five PageStream Plus simplex printers are built from the same print engine with a Scaleable Raster Architecture (SRA) print controller. This common platform allows each member of the family to be easily upgraded in speed and print volume. That way, you can be sure that as your business needs grow, your PageStream Plus printer can grow with you.

Bridging the Past to the Future

The versatility of the PageStream Plus family expands well beyond their upgradeability. These flexible devices open the door to new opportunities for your print environment while supporting your legacy applications. Just imagine the possibilities of a single print engine designed to support multiple print architectures, multiple resolutions, MICR printing, and a wide array of media including pin-feed and pinless paper. Gone are the days of restrictive print architectures, dedicated MICR printer, and 20lb paper limitations. Welcome to freedom ? welcome to printing with Océ PageStream Plus printers


From the entry-level Océ PageStream 154 Plus through to the powerful Océ PageStream 530 Plus, these printers are designed with upgradeability, flexibility and scaleability in mind. Starting with entry speeds of 154 images per minute and monthly print volumes of 4 million these printers are field upgaradeable to 530 images per minute and monthly print volumes of 13.8 million.

Scaleable Raster Architecture (SRA3)
An enhanced processing print controller that is scaleable in memory and processing power to accommodate fast processing of complex pages. The SRA3 controller comes standard with Multiple Resolution Mode for support of 600 dpi resolution output and three interfaces (one TCP/IP interface and two customer-selectable interfaces).
Quick Change Developer Station (QCDS)
An exchangeable developer station that enables the printing of documents with standard black toner, or it can be swapped out by the operator for a MICR or highlight color developer station. This feature eliminates the need for a dedicated MICR device or allows you to introduce highlight color into your transaction documents for greater impact and improved response time.
Advanced Paper Transport (APT)
An industry-leading 18.25" print width allows two-up 6"x9" image printing at 1.8 times more images per minute (ipm) than two-up printing, and with fewer resulting click charges, reduced paper usage, and quicker turnaround time. Additionally, APT supports pinless paper for greater flexibility in barcode placement and removal and support of a broader range of paperweight, stock and width.
Multiple Resolution Module
Support of 240, 300 or 600 dpi resolution input for a 600 dpi output, whereby legacy applications at 240 dpi or 300 dpi are printed at 600 dpi totally transparent to the application (no coding).
Print Architecture Independence
Native support of IBM IPDS and PCL is supported in the SRA Controller. Support of additional multiple print description languages (PDL´s) like Xerox DJDE/Metacode and PostScript in a single device is possible by using Océ servers.
Duplex Twin Printing
Combining a second PageStream Plus printer of similar throughput turns your simplex printer into a duplex twin printer geared for duplex output or highlight color printing of simplex documents.
Automated Document Factory (ADF) Enabled
Factory-like production control and monitoring techniques to high-volume printing and mailing operations. Automates tasks such as job ticketing, scheduling, tracking, auditing and reporting, resulting in higher utilization of equipment, increased product integrity and quality, and more efficient production.

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