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OcÚ VarioPrint« 2105 (Remanufactured)

Multifunctional production printer, copier and scanner

New power and control for your document workflow

Today's Central Reprographic Department (CRD) or in-plant print room has to come to grips with networking throughout the organization and how to manage the enterprise's document workflow. The CRD faces the pressure to digitize, demands for faster turnarounds, peak equipment productivity and manageability.

Drawing on its expertise in document solutions for professional organizations, OcÚ has the answer -- services, software and hardware to address the total workflow. With the powerful and productive OcÚ VarioPrint 2105, in combination with OcÚ software and finishing equipment, the CRD can be connected directly to users for fast service, quick results, full-force production, and better documents.
Job acceptance: quicker and easier
Job preparation: streamlined and hassle-free
Job production: power and control for your CRD
Job finishing: tools that produce top-quality documents- and fast
Job archiving: digital solutions expand possibilities
Job distribution: OcÚ solutions get the job done right
Job acceptance: quicker and easier
With analog solutions, users have no choice but to face print room queues or internal mail delays. Sometimes they have to fill out forms, and walk back and forth to get their documents. OcÚ has a better idea. Why not deliver the CRD to the user's desktop - and reap the benefits? By teaming up the super-productive OcÚ VarioPrint 2105 with OcÚ Doc Works Pro™ software, your customers can select from all kinds of document choices, preview and queue them, receive job tickets - and automatically track jobs. Meanwhile, the CRD operator oversees maximum productivity, quality assurance and multiplying cost savings.

Job preparation: streamlined and hassle-free
With the OcÚ VarioPrint 2105, analogue and digital jobs are easier to prepare. For both kinds, operators can preview the document and prepare the job simultaneously using this printer/copier's multi-tasking functionality. With its graphic user interface, operators are guided through each subset in a clear and time-efficient way as they select the specifications to do the job right. The end result? Varying customer needs can be easier to manage, with automated, digital jobs ready for printing.

Job production: power and control for your CRD
Especially designed for document production and short-run print-on-demand, the OcÚ VarioPrint 2105 modular printing system boosts black-and-white output with optimal productivity while delivering complete operator control. Automatic functions, such as enhancement of scanned originals and job templates, take over time-consuming manual adjustments, speeding up the workflow. Multi-tasking functionality enables simultaneous scanning, RIP-ing and printing. The unique job queue management system produces full-speed scanning and printing -- whether the job is large or small. Programming the job queue with all the jobs of the day frees the operator from permanently attending the system, saving valuable time. With its easy-to-use digital mailboxes, the OcÚ VarioPrint 2105 stores files -- both digital and automatically scanned analogue jobs -- enabling operators to print-on-demand when needed. Stored jobs contain information on media requirements, and the paper manager indicates the media type in trays. This makes re-printing faster and easier.

Job finishing: tools that produce top-quality documents- and fast
Finishing procedures can be fast, easy and make documents that please even the most demanding customers. In addition to the OcÚ VarioPrint 2105's stapling and high-capacity stacking capabilities, external finishing devices help create documents with added-value quality improvements while optimizing CRD productivity. The OcÚ DFS10 binds documents -- online and offline -- providing convenient, lightning-quick, finished output, and improving the utilization of printing resources. For high-capacity sorting needs, the new OcÚ HVS5000 stacks thousands of documents. The page programming function guarantees professional-looking documents, for example, by automatically inserting pre-printed, full-color sheets from the OcÚ VarioPrint 2105's paper tray.

Job archiving: digital solutions expand possibilities
As part of a total solution, your OcÚ VarioPrint 2105 can become the starting point for time and space saving archiving solutions. In addition to this printer/copier's temporary mailbox archive which makes the CRD more productive, organizations can digitize, control and automate their document processes further. With OcÚ Scan Logic«, your documents are networked throughout your organization. Hard copies and digital files can be combined into a single, easily manageable and searchable archive. This strengthens the CRD's important role in your enterprise.

Job distribution: OcÚ solutions get the job done right
The combination of the OcÚ VarioPrint 2105, software and services helps get the job in the right way to your CRD, speeds up job preparation and production and makes the process easier and less time-consuming for everyone. Finishing devices improve quality and please customers. Digital archiving puts documents where you want them and where you can easily retrieve them.

With OcÚ, the CRD operator oversees a process from meeting customer needs to generating completed documents -- in the right form to the right people. Can your CRD be transformed from a cost center to a profit center? With OcÚ's VarioPrint 2105 solutions, it can.
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OcÚ VarioPrint 2105 Spec Sheet (PDF)
OcÚ VarioPrint 2000 Family Brochure (PDF)
OcÚ Count Logic™ Data Sheet (PDF)

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