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Océ DPconvert™

Industry-leading software to convert Xerox RDO files

Like many users in legacy Xerox environments, if you've been working with proprietary data, you face a number of challenges. Opening up your printing horizons, Océ DPconvert™ software provides the easy-to-use tool you need to convert proprietary Raster Document Object (RDO) files created with Xerox® Corporation's DigiPath® software and job tickets into open-standard PDF and XML file formats to easily print legacy RDO jobs on Océ and non-Océ printers. With Océ DPconvert software, you also can convert RDO files into formats that can be used with Océ Doc Works Pro™ or Océ DocSetter® workflows.
Converts RDO job programming files into open-standard PDF, XML, or TDF files
Enables legacy RDO files to be printed on Océ or non-Océ printers, based on device characteristics
Retains job ticket data: media selection, tabs, simplex/duplex selection, and binding instructions
Automatically import DigiPath documents and translate RDO job tickets into Océ DocWorks Pro, Océ DocSetter and Océ PRISMAproduction job preparation and output management software
Easy conversion of single or batch RDO files from DigiPath versions 1.2, 2.0, or 2.1
Output to Océ Doc Works Pro as PDF data and ODW ticket
Output to Océ DocSetter as TDF data with embedded ticket
Output to Océ PRISMAproduction, AFP data with PJM ticket (future)
Output to selected workflow/output management systems as PDF with an XML job ticket
Runs under Microsoft Windows 2000 and 2003
Flexible operations—with Océ DPconvert software, print operations are no longer limited to a single workflow solution or vendor. With the flexibility to convert legacy files, print operations can take advantage of other, more open workflow options.
Ease of use—Océ DPconvert software is so easy to use that users simply view, edit or directly submit jobs to the Océ or non-Océ printing system of their choice, saving time and accelerating time to market.
Investment protection—because Océ DPconvert software enables printing of legacy RDO files on Xerox, Océ and other printers, you make the most of capital assets, directing jobs to the best-fit device.
Enhanced document quality—with the flexibility to translate RDO job tickets into Océ Doc Works Pro and Océ DocSetter software, print operations can leverage powerful scan, make-ready and cleaning capabilities to vastly enhance the quality and professionalism of documents.
Océ DPconvert Data Sheet (PDF)
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Océ DPconvert™ Data Sheet (PDF)

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