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Océ JetStream Family

High-quality, full-color output at ultra-high speed for maximum productivity

The Océ JetStream® is a full-color inkjet digital printing system designed to maximize productivity in corporate and commercial print environments. The system produces full-color variable data output at ultra-high speed with exceptional quality. Powered by Océ DigiDot™ Drop on Demand color inkjet technology, Océ JetStream systems combine extraordinary speed and quality with superior flexibility and reliability. They also offer unprecedented ease of use and smooth integration into existing, industry-standard workflows.

Océ JetStream technology uses a high-speed paper path to produce CMYK full-process color output at speeds approaching 656 feet per minute with 600 dpi resolution. The result is an unbeatable speed and quality ratio with maximum versatility and a lower total cost of ownership.

Océ JetStream models
  • Océ JetStream 500—Single-engine system prints 537 IPM (246 feet per minute)
  • Océ JetStream 750—Single-engine system prints 714 IPM (328 feet per minute)
  • Océ JetStream 1000—Single-engine system prints 1,074 IPM (246 feet per minute)
  • Océ JetStream 1100—Single-engine system prints 1,074 IPM (492 feet per minute)
  • Océ JetStream 1500—Twin system prints 1,428 IPM (328 feet per minute)
  • Océ JetStream 2200—Twin system prints 2,148 IPM (492 feet per minute)
  • Océ JetStream 2800—Twin system prints 2,792 IPM (427 feet per minute)
  • Océ JetStream 3300—Twin system prints 3,221 IPM (492 feet per minute)
Direct Group (Pennington, N.J.) will harness the Océ JetStream 2200 to deliver higher response rates and lower campaign costs for its direct marketing clients. (PDF)
  • Océ DigiDot piezoelectric Drop-on-demand inkjet technology
  • Superior quality with 600 x 600 dpi resolution on most models
  • Fully variable color printing
  • Fast, easy integration and Interoperability
  • Media-handling flexibility
  • Fully integrated MICR capability
  • Océ DigiDot Drop on Demand piezoelectric inkjet technology
    Océ DigiDot piezoelectric drop-on-demand technology uses the industry's fastest inkjet print heads to produce stunning color at top speeds.

  • Océ SRA MP Controller for uninterrupted workflow
    The Océ SRA MP (Massively Parallel) controller enables high-speed, uninterrupted workflow for AFP/IPDS data streams. The SRA MP is ideal for the rigors of high-speed, full-color digital printing, with nearly unlimited scalability.

  • Heavy-duty throughput to handle more work
    The Océ JetStream systems are engineered for heavy-duty throughput, to reduce costs and maintenance time by using resources and floor space more efficiently. The Océ JetStream systems support a monthly duty cycle up to 86 million letter impressions.

  • Variable dot size for added flexibility and multi-level printing
    A key advantage of Océ DigiDot technology is the ability to vary dot sizes. You can create images with different density ranges to optimize quality levels for individual jobs and media types. Flexibility to vary dot sizes enables multi-level printing of photographs and half-tones that require richer gray scales, contour-free gradients and excellent reproduction of fine details.

  • Media-handling flexibility
    The Océ JetStream systems are designed for maximum flexibility. The system can print on almost any stock, including inkjet, laser, recycled and other paper types, and weights from 64 to 157 gsm.

  • Streamlined digital workflow with Océ PRISMA™ software
    Full integration wtih Océ PRISMA workflows ensures that your Océ JetStream production color printer integrates quickly and seamlessly in every environment.

  • Smooth, easy finishing
    Océ JetStream printers include integrated pre- and post-processing capabilities, including folding, perforating and hole punching. If additional finishing is required, future systems will support direct connection to third-party finishing systems. Offline finishing is always available.

  • Versatility and upgradability
    In addition, integrated MICR capability allows users to print convenience and full-color checks with complete reliability, security and error recovery capabilities.
  • Maximize productivity— set a new standard for full color productivity. With exclusive Océ DigiDot technology you can print more output with better quality in less ti me and gain productive capacity while reducing costs by replacing several slower systems with one Océ JetStream system. The result: more productivity, profitability and investment protection.

  • Integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow—Océ JetStream printing systems integrate seamlessly into your current, industry-standard workflow, and adapt to future workflows with plug-and-play simplicity. Superior interoperability means that you can place the printer in virtually any print environment and it will be up and running almost immediately.

  • Meet customer requirements—produce all types of color documents at ultra-high speed—from transactional and TransPromo documents to books and direct mail documents.

  • Increase profitability—use one highly productive device to accelerate turnaround, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. Commercial print shops can expand service offerings to include full-color variable data.

  • Protect your color investment—purchase the system that meets your needs today and, with a field-upgradeable migration path, seamlessly upgrade to a higher throughput —without purchasing a new machine.

  • Ensure environmental sustainability—Océ JetStream systems are designed for energy-saving performance, low ozone emissions, quiet operation, and RoHS compliance.
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