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OcÚ VarioStream 7000 Family

Versatile, continuous-feed printers for every business requirement

In today's dynamic business environment, few enterprises can afford to invest in single-purpose printing systems. The OcÚ VarioStream® 7000 series of versatile web printers meets the challenges of every business environment and demanding volumes—on a single platform. The printers scale from the entry-level OcÚ VarioStream 7200 system, at 190 pages per minute to the 1,273 page-per-minute OcÚ VarioStream 7650 Twin system, with support for multiple print architectures and resolutions, MICR, triplex, duplex and simplex output, and pin-fed and pinless paper.

What's more, OcÚ VarioStream 7000 systems feature OcÚ CustomTone®highlight color, a key component of the OcÚ Job Appropriate Color™ strategy. With OcÚ Job Appropriate Color, you can apply the right amount of color for the job—whether it is black only or a highlight color to accent key elements in a technical document, direct attention to a marketing call to action or the amount due on an invoice.

OcÚ VarioStream 7000 Family
  • OcÚ VarioStream 7000 Simplex systems—OcÚ VarioStream 7200, 7300, 7400, 7450, 7550, 7650, and 7650cx systems with field-upgradeable speeds from 190 to 636 IPM
  • OcÚ VarioStream 7000 Twin systems—OcÚ VarioStream 7200, 7300, 7400, 7450, 7550 and 7650 Twin systems with field-upgradeable speeds from 380 to 1,273 IPM
  • OcÚ VarioStream 7000 Triplex systems—OcÚ 7300, 7400, 7450 and 7550 Triplex systems with speeds from 550 to 1,060 IPM
  • OcÚ VarioStream 7000 CX systems—OcÚ VarioStream 7650cx, with speed of 1,273 IPM


  • Speed, quality, reliability and media choice flexibility
  • Enhanced Print Quality technology
  • Innovative engineering in paper transport and developer stations
  • The power of Océ Job Appropriate Color with Océ CustomTone®toners
  • Performance features for continuous operation
Scalable raster architecture (SRA) controller
An enhanced print controller, scalable in memory and processing power for rapid processing of complex pages. Automatic Resolution Mode supports 240, 300 and 600 dpi data streams and a choice of up to three interfaces for S370 (channel), S390 (ESCON), SCSI, TCP/IP 10/100/1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet, and 1000Base-SX Gigabit Ethernet.
Print Architecture Independence
The SRA controller provides native support of IBM AFP/IPDS, PCL, and Enhanced (E/C) mode. Integrated with OcÚ PRISMA™ software, it supports additional PDLs like PostScript, and PDF.
Enhanced Print Quality (EPQ) technology
This standard feature uses transfer rollers instead of an electrostatic charge generated by corona wires to ensure superb digital quality, especially for ultra-thin lines, patterns, and halftones
Quick change developer station (QCDS)
Convenient, intelligent developer stations can be quickly changed to print standard black toner, MICR toner, OcÚ CustomTone highlight (spot) color and custom-blended colors. With QCDS, you can leverage OcÚ Job Appropriate Color to add just the right amount of color to a job to achieve business objectives and handle more applications with one system.
Smart Toner Bottles
Takes advantage of RFID technology to ensure that the correct toner bottle is installed, preventing extended downtime and unwant service calls.
Flexible bimodal paper transport
Enables you to process paper with and without feedhole margins. Like an offset press, pinless transport works without tractor-feed units, using a friction drive to convey paper through the system. The result is lower paper costs, support for more paper weights, and secure, reliable processing at top speed.
UP3i interface for maximum productivity
To deliver maximum productivity, the OcÚ VarioStream 7000 offers a Universal Printer Pre- and Post-processing interface—UP3i—to communicate with all modules in the production line.
Streamlined digital workflow with OcÚ PRISMA software
Integrate the OcÚ VarioStream 7000 system with OcÚ PRISMA adaptive workflow software to unify operations management, manage jobs, optimize device utilization, and maximize the performance and cost-effectiveness of your entire operation.
Get jobs to market faster
Designed to support a wide range of applications, higher throughputs and new revenue-generating applications, OcÚ VarioStream 7000 systems help you get documents and products to market faster, with lower costs and more profitability
Take on more work with convergence-ready versatility
Get the flexibility, adaptability, and scalability you need to shift directions as new markets emerge and applications, environments, and requirements converge
Protect your investment
Field-upgrade your printer to enhance speed, quality, and processing power or from simplex to duplex to triplex performance
Work without worry
Benefit from exceptional uptime performance, round-the-clock support, and the expertise of knowledgeable professionals who can optimize your solution to your exact needs
Do more with less expense, effort, and resources
Using one system that combines high speed with high quality, and support for multiple data streams, applications, and environments
Ask An Expert
OcÚ's experienced team of experts can help you select the printers and workflow software that are best for your business. Use this online form to tell us about yourself , your needs or to request product demonstrations.
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