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Océ 3155

Leading the industry in new technologies, improved productivity, and enhanced functionality

Announcing Océ 3165 and Océ 3155 Release 5.1

The Océ 3165 and Océ 3155 bring world class quality and reliability to the Segment four market but provide volume printing and copying more indicative of today's Segment five and six placements. The Océ 3165 and Océ 3155 series has evolved from a truly unique digital copier, to a product that has withstood the test of time through strong technological advancements, a continual improvement strategy and enablers that add functionality users want. Release 5.1 for the Océ 3165 and Océ 3155 continues this strong tradition by adding new features and giving the user more power to produce visually rich documents with total precision.

This software release will impact the copying, network printing and network scanning capabilities of the Océ 3165 and Océ 3155 to make the user more productive by adding important new functionality.

The main features of Release 5.1 are:
  • True Adobe Post Script 3
  • SNMP and standard MIB (MIB-II, Host Resources MIB, and Printer MIB) support
  • SMB (Windows visibility and printing support)
  • Improved device configuration and easy device diagnostics with enhancements to Océ Print LogicTM technology
  • Direct TIFF and PDF printing at full rated speed through enhancements in Job SubmitIT
  • Job Building (also supports duplex from the glass and booklets)
  • Scan to PDF in Océ Scan Logic® software
Supports both walk-up copying and network printing with one multifunctional device
Provides scan to electronic file capabilities with Océ's own Scan Logic Software
Scan once, print many for reliable copying
Superior print and copy quality at an affordable price
Job accounting and job monitoring built right in to the system
Capable of handling different types and sizes of originals
Two speed ranges available: 62 ppm on the Océ 3165 and 52 ppm on the Océ 3155
Evolutionary design protects your investment
The original Océ 3165 was introduced in late 1996 and was the very first digital Scan Once-Print Many product on the market. Since its introduction, Océ has upgraded the technology more than five times. This continual improvement philosophy protects your original investment because the product sold years ago is as technologically advanced as a brand new unit. Today’s Océ 3165 and Océ 3155 offer the award-winning Océ Image Logic and Océ Copy Press technologies and are also fully SNMP compliant, have a Windows 2000 driver and scan directly to PDF.
Complete print job security using PIN code access
With the Mailbox, desktop users can send their print jobs to the Océ 3165 with complete confidence of the document's security. When a PIN code is applied to a print job only the person who created the PIN code can access the document directly from the user interface. You can be certain that confidential material stays confidential. In addition, the memory of your print job is immediately erased to make room for the next job. You are assured of the most secure printing possible.
Green Button simplicity means no special operator training needed to start working the machine
The Océ 3165/Océ 3155 is designed around Océ's Green Button approach for ease of use. The Océ 3165/Océ 3155 uses a simple interface that does not require special training to learn. Navigation to more complex job commands is easy to understand and spelled out with simple instructions. In fact, it is so easy to use, that there is no need for a separate HELP mode.
Océ Scan Logic software can scan directly to PDF or TIFF file formats
Océ Scan Logic comes standard with the ability to choose the file format type for the conversion to electronic documents. Users can select from industry standard TIFF format or scan directly to a PDF format. If a PDF is chosen, the file is created automatically -- no further processing of the digital files is necessary!
A truly environmentally friendly machine
Low ozone emission, low energy consumption, low noise and no floating toner particles mean that the Océ 3165/Océ 3155 series is clean, quiet and friendly in any environment.
The high-volume capacity exceeds customer expectations for a machine in this segment
While it prints and copies at 62 images per minute (Océ 3165) and 52 images per minute (Océ 3155), the volume capability of the series exceeds expectations of a device in its categories. It's a workhorse in higher volume environments and can handle the fluctuations in volume for end-of-the-month reports when your print volume is at its highest.
An investment in Océ solutions is a secure, productive investment
The Océ 3165/Océ 3155 series is well-built and will last through high volume periods and can even work as a CRD product. In addition, these products have been designed to be upgradeable, not replaceable, to protect your investment while providing you with an affordable total cost of ownership.
Better reliability means more productivity
Océ Copy Press technology was designed specifically to address an important need of all copier users--paper jams. If you've ever experienced the frustration of repeated paper jams or given up on making two-sided copies, then an Océ 3165/Océ 3155 will be a refreshing solution. Océ Copy Press uses a short paper path to minimize the potential for jams providing superior reliability and keeping you up and running.
Océ Copy Press Technology 
One device supports your business with the top quality output you need for your customers
Océ Image Logic technology is designed to react to each and every pixel on the original to create outstanding copy quality. The quality is so good you can generate output suitable for even your customers, while saving you the money you would have spent outsourcing.
Océ Image Logic® Technology 
Amazing scan quality improves Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
The same Océ Image Logic technology used to create outstanding copy quality is used as the facilitator in the scan-to-file system. Your scanned documents benefit from the pixel-by-pixel process to fix broken and jagged lines which would usually cause errors in OCR systems. Océ Image Logic improves the scanned image and results in better OCR documents.
Product Literature
Océ 3155 Brochure (PDF)
Océ 3165/Océ 3155 Mailbox Brochure (PDF)
Océ 3165/Océ 3155 Job Submit Brochure (PDF)

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