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Océ PlotWave® 350 Large Format Printer

Black and White Large Format Printer / Copier / Scanner

Océ PlotWave 350 Large Format Printer
More options to print the way you want with a fast plotter

Designed to meet the needs of technical professionals on the go. The Océ PlotWave 350 large format printer is the next wave in mobility, speed and reliability. For black and white printing, copying and scanning technical documents. This fast plotter builds on the award-winning success of the Océ PlotWave 300 printer.

Benefit from a flexible large format printer

  • Print via your computer or Wi-Fi enabled mobile device
  • Print 6 D-size plots a minute
  • Avoid costly mistakes with new intuitive Océ Print Driver
  • Cut printing delays with instant start-up
  • Uses half the energy of comparable wide format printers
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Print from anywhere to your plotter

More printing options for busy professionals. Now you can discuss a change, connect to your cloud using your smart phone or computer and send a print request to your plotter via Wi-Fi with Océ MobilePlot for iPad® or Océ Mobile WebTools. Use a USB flash drive to print and scan documents at the system and capture changes and documents on site.

Print faster – up to 13 linear feet per minute

Thanks to Océ Radiant Fusing technology, you can print up to 13 linear feet per minute, with virtually no warm-up time. From cold click to print-in-hand – in just 40 seconds. Compared to a slow 4 minutes with conventional plotters, this can easily save you an hour a day in delays for CAD printing. It also uses half the energy of comparable large format printing systems.

Reliable plotter helps you cut costs and build profits

Operational costs are kept low with the hard working construction. Critical components are completely enclosed to reduce wear and tear. Reinforced materials help extend the system's lifetime and withstand intensive walk-up usage.

Scalable configurations for scalable budgeting

Start with the printer and one media roll and then upgrade to all-in-one printing, copying, color scanning with 1 or 2 media rolls or other finishing options. Whenever you like, on-site.

Plotter cuts energy usage in half

Reduce your bottom line and increase productivity by using eco-friendly products. The Océ PlotWave 350 printing system is the ideal all-in-one system for printing of architectural and engineering drawings.

It incorporates the unique Océ Radiant Fusing technology that provides the most efficient way to fuse toner onto paper. Thin metallic tiles made of a highly durable alloy are used to efficiently radiate heat so they heat up and cool down very quickly compared to conventional roller-based systems. It only heats when printing.

Sustainable Design

  • Lowest energy consumption in its class
  • Makes no noise when idling
  • Requires no extra ventilation to keep it cool
  • Produces virtually no ozone emissions
  • Components are designed for re-use and recycling to minimize landfill
Learn more about the Océ PlotWave 350 Multifunction System

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