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GIS operators spend countless hours manipulating layers of imagery and data in order to produce intelligent maps that enable proactive decision making. But when it comes to printing these images, GIS operators are often hampered by the inherent limitations within existing large format color print technology. For example to speed processing, they may scale back prints by removing layers of information because the printer can't handle the file size, detail, and depth; or they may constantly interact with the printer to check job status to be sure the that the right media is loaded.

Océ is well known for its intelligent, reliable printing and plotting systems and has developed solutions for GIS operators that improve the overall quality of prints and increase efficiency within the print workflow.

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"Considerations for Printing GIS Applications"

PDF, 4 pages, published 2012


Fast processing saves critical time
A river swells and poses a disastrous flood risk. All local homeowners and businesses must be notified. The data needed to communicate the message uses satellite imagery, geospatial data from the last engineering flood plain survey, and county data. Because the information is multi-jurisdictional, prints must be color coded to indicate the various jurisdictions and clearly identify who is responsible for notifying homeowners and businesses. Additionally, maps must be printed immediately for the water crews to use in the field; they must locate all water valves within each sector and make sure the affected areas don't contaminate the clean water supply.

The Solution:
An all-around productive system, the Océ ColorWave® 650 printer ensures you meet tight deadlines. When printing, you can rely on a world-class speed that can produce up to 30 full color 30" x 42" maps per hour. A superfast, embedded Océ PowerM® controller ensures processing times of your complex GIS files are not a bottleneck. And Océ CrystalPoint technology delivers instantly dry prints, so there is zero drying time and your GIS maps can be handled, stacked or folded immediately. All images are waterproof, which means weatherproof maps can be provided for field work in all conditions when printed onto durable Tyvek® media. The 42-inch-wide printer holds up to six media rolls, each holding up to 650 feet of inexpensive, uncoated plain paper. This unprecedented media capacity reduces media loading and saves time.

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