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Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing
Transform challenges into profit
Flexible solutions and faster workflows for your industry
Driving profitability. Sharpening your productivity edge. Managing change in a rapidly evolving industry. Merging complex data and direct mail applications -- with faster turnarounds. Steadily raising productivity to achieve "100% mail" and to maintain an always competitive and cost-effective operation.

At Océ, we help businesses take on these challenges. With highly productive software and printing systems that deliver the right quality -- at the right price -- to your customers. Backed by professional services that protect your investment and help you transform these challenges into profitable opportunities.
Document issues and approaches:
Managing change with the right partner
How can organizations effectively manage change when the industry is transforming so profoundly and rapidly? By choosing the right partner. A partner with leadership track record that is focused on your focus - the profitability of your business.

The world's largest direct marketing and data services companies depend on us for their mission-critical applications. So why not your organization? At Océ, our business is document management systems and nothing but this. We're a market leader in the industry. Over the past 25 years, we've brought forward major innovations to the digital print industry -- such as three-up printing and the ability to support all data streams - and we continue to lead in developing even newer technology.

Are you managing change? Océ can help.
Transforming the way you do business
With Océ production systems, you'll be able to deliver your documents with a shorter time-to-market and more profitably. How? These productive solutions support the industry's widest range of applications, accelerate throughput, and generate new revenue opportunities. Océ systems help automate your workflow to obtain maximum productivity -- and lower your total cost of ownership for maximum profitability.

Secure convergence-ready versatility. You can handle just about any incoming data and document that comes your way. Shift directions as new markets, new customers or new opportunities appear. Dynamically produce applications in monochrome, highlight color, and MICR, on a wider range of media.

And these systems are ready to grow -- with your enterprise. Easy-to-upgrade. That's one of the most important design features with our systems. You're assured that your investment in Océ technology is protected.
Océ CPS800 and CPS900 Océ VarioStream 7000 Family Océ VarioStream 6100 Océ VarioPrint 5000 Family
Raise productivity and quality levels with Océ PRISMA software
How can organizations streamline the process and ensure the best quality in every step? With workflow management software that enables you to tightly control all of your applications and devices.

Océ PRISMA™ software does this with its unified architecture. This Web-enabled software is designed to work with a variety of printing devices regardless of their location and vendor.

With Océ PRISMA, your organization can:
  • Maximize workflow productivity, by accelerating project turnaround, cost savings and time-to-revenue
  • Take complete control, by overseeing operations, managing jobs and optimizing device utilization
  • Achieve Total Process Quality with automatic tracking and output inspection using PRISMAaudit
Océ PRISMA Workflow Software Solutions Océ PRISMAproduction™ POD Océ PRISMAaudit® Océ PRISMAoffice
Complete reliability. Work without worry.
How can you find the right solution and have it implemented -- on time, on budget, and at the right quality?

With Océ Consulting, Implementation and Education Services. Our project management delivers sound analysis and advice to help you determine which innovation will work best for your business. During implementation, our specialists configure your Océ system to precisely match your workflow. Meanwhile, Océ Education Services can teach your staff the ins and outs of the system. Need user training afterwards for new hires or to refresh skills? We can provide this.
Océ Consulting Services (PDF)
Océ Support protects your investment even more
Available up to 24/7, we can service your entire Océ system with short, on-site response times -- ensuring the highest productivity and uptime. Our highly skilled technical experts are ready to take your call.

From start to finish -- with hardware, software and services -- Océ helps enterprises manage profitable change. To maximize uptime, fuel fast turnarounds, and increase quality. And most of all, to protect your long-term investment and assure your continued profitability into the future.

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