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Wholesale & Retail
Attract and retain more customers
Systems and services for better document creation and control
Supply-chain integration, operational rationalization and automation of business processes are options for counteracting the effects of increased competition, low margins and consolidation currently facing your industry. To rev up your buy and sell process, boost competitive advantage and build customer satisfaction and loyalty, you must also optimize your internal and external communications.
OcÚ answers to your document issues:
Attract new customers and generate repeat business with powerful promotions and the effective use of color
Stand out from your competition, increase store traffic and generate sales by enhancing the communication of all your promotional pieces.
  • Personalize direct-mailing pieces based on point-of-sale data using OcÚ PRISMAtools™ software
  • Print full-color, personalized promotional pieces, such as flyers and coupons, that attract customers, improve your image and increase your response rates with the OcÚ CPS700 printing system
  • Print point-of-purchase displays in full color on a variety of materials, or low cost disposable mail pieces without the high print runs required by offset printing operations using the OcÚ CPS700
  • Produce time-critical sales flyers quickly and frequently by printing on demand, with the OcÚ VarioPrint™ 5000 printing system
  • Make your message stand out with the use of highlight color to emphasize important product features using the OcÚ VarioPrint 5000 printing systems
  • Print banners, signs and posters to attract customers to your storefront with the OcÚ CS5000 wide format color printer
OcÚ CPS800 and CPS900 OcÚ VarioPrint 5000 Family
Improve the efficiency of order fulfillment operations
Help keep goods in motion with just-in-time distribution strategies. Get your information to the point of need promptly to take advantage of market and price changes. Nurture customer relations with timely and effective documentation.
  • Eliminate line printing and labor intensive preprinted forms with OcÚ PRISMAsatellite™ software and the OcÚ 8400 printer
  • Separate invoices automatically by truck route with the OcÚ PRISMAsatellite software
  • Make personalized logo and "special" changes within the print run with OcÚ PRISMAsatellite software
  • Produce the documents you need to get shipments out the door on time with built-in strategies for back-up printing with OcÚ PRISMAsatellite software and reliable OcÚ VarioStream™ 6100 and OcÚ VarioPrint™ family of printing systems
  • Print "Fast Bills" for pick-up orders with ease using the OcÚ PRISMAsatellite software
  • Produce up-to-the-minute user documentation with the OcÚ VarioPrint™ 2105 printing system
  • Automatically merge your payment records with electronic forms to generate smart-looking invoices and easy-to-read packing lists and return authorization forms using OcÚ PRISMAsatellite software
  • Use highlight color to make important information stand out on your transactional documents with the OcÚ VarioPrint 5000 printer
OcÚ PRISMAsatellite™ for Transaction OcÚ VarioStream 6100 OcÚ VarioPrint« 2060/2070 (Remanufactured) OcÚ VarioPrint« 2105 (Remanufactured) OcÚ VarioPrint 5000 Family
Use your delivery channel to advertise daily, weekly or monthly product specials
Delivering goods to restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores, requires you to act fast when it comes to offering specials. What better way to get information to these small businesses then through the invoice that you've hand-delivered with their order.
  • Print "specials" and custom messages on the backside of invoices
  • Make changes to "specials" within the print run with OcÚ PRISMAsatellite software
  • Incorporate color into your invoices to highlight the weekly specials or important custom messages with the VarioPrint 5000™ printing system or the OcÚ CPS700 full color printer
OcÚ CPS800 and CPS900 OcÚ VarioPrint 5000 Family OcÚ PRISMAsatellite™ for Transaction
Deliver the right merchandise in a timely manner
Whether you sell in a store, via e-commerce or mail order, moving inventory quickly and efficiently is key.
  • Merge EDI, ERP and legacy data streams, to streamline production of pick tickets, packing lists, and inventory information using OcÚ PRISMAsatellite software
  • Print documents precisely at the point of need to improve order-processing efficiency with OcÚ PRISMAsatellite software
  • Produce barcode or shipping labels, matrix codes, even transponders to identify and track your product inventory using the OcÚ VarioStream™ 6100 printing system
OcÚ VarioStream 6100 OcÚ PRISMAsatellite™ for Transaction
Integrate your supply chain and back-office processes
Reduce operational costs and gain efficiencies by delivering information all along the distribution value chain.
  • Access data from ERP and EDI to produce last-minute revisions and dynamic, customizable digital forms, with OcÚ PRISMAsatellite and OcÚ PRISMAtools
  • Distribute appropriate documents by department and print where people are physically located to improve employee efficiency with OcÚ PRSIMAsatellite software.
  • Connect your departments, subsidiaries, partners and suppliers worldwide with OcÚ PRISMAenterprise software
  • Print and/or scan at the point of need with the OcÚ VarioPrint™ 2060/2070 and VarioPrint 2105 printing systems
OcÚ VarioPrint« 2105 (Remanufactured) OcÚ VarioPrint« 2060/2070 (Remanufactured) OcÚ PRISMAsatellite™ for Transaction
Make billing accurate, efficient and professional
Controlling cash flow is crucial to your survival, so billing must be accurate, professional-looking and efficiently delivered.
  • Automatically merge your payment records with electronic forms to generate smart-looking invoices and easy-to-read statements using OcÚ PRISMAsatellite
  • Track and correct invoices before errors can hurt your credibility using OcÚ PRISMAaudit software
  • Jazz up your printing to promote quicker responses and preserve your public reputation with OcÚ CustomTone (spot color)
  • Create "intelligent" collection letters to improve receivables with the VarioPrint 5000 printing systems
  • Use highlight color on billing statements to indicate the amount past due with the VarioPrint 5000 printers
OcÚ PRISMAaudit« OcÚ VarioPrint 5000 Family OcÚ PRISMAsatellite™ for Transaction
Promote customer loyalty with excellent after-sales care
Customer Relationship Management helps you cultivate long-term customer associations rather than casual, occasional buying. This is a key component in sustaining competitive advantage.
  • Capture customer information to use in personalized VIP offers or user-group newsletters using OcÚ PRISMAtools™ software
  • Print attractive sales materials, like plastic customer service cards on demand, thereby enhancing your customer loyalty programmers with the OcÚ VarioStream 6100 printer
  • Produce up-to-the-minute user documentation with the OcÚ VarioPrint 2105 or VarioPrint 5000 and finishing equipment
OcÚ VarioPrint 5000 Family OcÚ VarioStream 6100 OcÚ VarioPrint« 2105 (Remanufactured)

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