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Commercial Reprographics
Building your repro business:
Giving you the tools to grow with your customers
Your customers continually expect you to offer value-added services and performance. Your challenge is how to do that at a profit...especially today, when the traditional boundaries between market segments are becoming less clearly defined.

"One-stop" service, seamless integration of large- and small-format digital printing, display graphics, offset printing and finishing are often on your customers' priority list. How can you offer them everything? Make use of the application knowledge and support that Océ offers you -- and count on Océ to deliver the right solutions so you can operate profitably in today's fast-moving economy.
Document issues and approaches:
Maximize your service and profits via the Internet
Océ's e-business tools can give you state-of-the art technology to communicate with your customers.
  • Offer your customers Océ Repro Desk software to submit their large format print jobs via the internet round-the-clock. It offers exactly the right tools they need to prepare, check and submit their print jobs.
  • Use the Océ Copy Press printing technology of the Océ TDS800 Pro Series for the highest output quality in black and white large format printing
Océ PlotWave 900 Black and White Large Format Printer
Re-position your business as communications services with digital printing
One way to stay ahead of your competitors is to broaden your focus from reprographics to providing complete communication services. You need productive large format and narrow format equipment and software to convert large volumes of data into high-quality output. Océ innovations will enable your success in these profitable and growing one-to-one communication and database publishing businesses.
  • Check the Océ TDS800 Pro Series for digital printing of monochrome posters and large-format drawings
  • Use the Océ VarioPrint™ 5000 for high-speed personalised printing with color highlights
  • Find out about the capabilities of near-offset quality found in the Océ 3165 and Océ VarioPrint 2090 digital printers
  • Use the Océ CPS700 digital color system to deliver consistently high print quality on every order and reorder
Océ CPS800 and CPS900 Océ PlotWave 900 Black and White Large Format Printer Océ VarioPrint 5000 Family Océ VarioPrint® 2090
Offer unequalled safety and security with digital archiving
With today's important concern for security, you can offer customers scanning services -- large- and small-format, monochrome and color, paper and aperture cards -- coupled with valuable off-site digital storage using Océ Plan Center. You can promote your capability of scanning all their irreplaceable paper documents to different output formats, including legally correct TIFF or PDF formats, digital distribution by e-mail, uploading to collaborative portals or supplying CDs with as-built documents for subcontractors as key to storing and securing vital assets to their business.
  • Scan-to-web large format documents in TIFF and PDF with the Océ TDS800 scanning system
  • Print sets of documents in all formats with the Océ TDS800 printing system
  • Learn about state-of-the-art high-quality narrow format scanning with Océ Scan Logic® software
Océ PlotWave 900 Black and White Large Format Printer Learn more about Océ Scan Logic® Software
Provide immediate, round-the-clock services
Customers expect immediate information in the Internet age. That demands ever-faster service. Fast printers and courier delivery may no longer be enough. Customers may even want to print some documents immediately or outside regular hours. Others may choose to have a printer installed on a Facility management basis at their site for immediate printing, with a digital link to submit longer print runs to your shop. Those are opportunities for you.
  • Check the Océ TDS400 large format LED printer for high-quality, reliable printing of short runs on Facility Management sites, or for larger volumes, consider the flexible Océ TDS800 Pro Series
  • Create a logging file of all prints for your billing system the easy way - with Océ Account Logging using the Océ Power Logic® Controller
  • Let your customers submit large print runs to your shop over the Internet with Océ Repro Desk and Océ Plan Center
Learn more about the Océ Power Logic® Controller (PDF)
Add profitable new business by expanding your scanning services
Scanning thousands of technical documents is a challenging task. Unproductive handling can mean the difference between on-time or late...between happy or dissatisfied customers...between profit and loss. Do you lose time: optimizing scan quality; waiting for processing before feeding the next original; removing originals after scanning; making check prints of questionable scans?

Imagine the money you could make by handling more jobs in the same time.
  • Find out about high-quality 'green button' scanning with Océ Image Logic® image processing using Océ Scan Logic® software
  • Find out about the Océ TDS600 and Océ TDS800 scanner with intuitive, customizeable scanner panel, check prints of scans, immediate viewing and other productivity-enhancing features
  • Handle your print and scan jobs at the same time with concurrent operation of the Océ Power Logic® Controller
Expand your profit potential with display graphics capabilities
The display graphics market is growing 15% annually, partially fueled by technological innovations that are expanding the variety of applications. To succeed, you need to get maximum benefit from your equipment, software and media, with knowledge on operation and applications. High-end professionals use different technologies to meet different customer needs, and Océ can provide you with the knowledge, equipment, software and supplies you need to develop your display graphics business.
  • Get the power to say "yes!" to any customer request by adding an Océ wide format color scanner
  • Make extra profit by printing with solvent-based pigmented inks on uncoated vinyl media with the Océ Arizona 600
  • Use ColorBlend technology to get the appearance of continuous-tone color with inkjet printing
  • Check the Océ LightJet 430 laser photo printer for fine art photography with an apparent resolution of 4,000 dpi
Océ Arizona Series Océ ColorBlend™ Technology Backgrounder (PDF)

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