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Construction Document Plotting and Distribution Solutions
Architecture, engineering and construction customers know the value of their techincal information. They closely focus on cost control and efficiency in handling this information, while searching for ways to innovate and capture new business.

OcÚ has the software, hardware and services to help A/E/C customers achieve the competitive edge they are looking for. The OcÚ solutions allows them to eliminate reprographic and document distribution logistics as a determining factor in whether or not to bid certain projects.
Project control
Projects are managed in terms of quality, cost and time. In architecture and engineering projects, the pressure on time is increasing due to concurrent processes and increased competition. Document distribution is a time-consuming constraint in both generating and responding to bids. Complex bids can include hundreds or thousands of plans, specifications and cost sheets.

  • Optimize document flow analysis with OcÚ Consulting Services
OcÚ Consulting Services (PDF)
Managing new forms of collaboration
In the A/E/C market, the traditional bid process of clear project phases is changing to the design-build concept: Architect, constructor and main contractor often start working together as a team in the early stages of a project. Government authorities who regulate the building process also play an important role. The key advantage with this new form of collaboration is that construction and design can take place concurrently. Web technologies and portals are facilitating this trend. Documents still play an important role, but in a different context.

  • Web-based printing and scanning with OcÚ Power Logic« controller
  • Affordable work group printing and viewing at point-of-use with OcÚ TDS450
  • Full PDF support, the standard format of the Web in the engineering world, with OcÚ PDF
Learn more about the OcÚ Power Logic« Controller (PDF)
Reduction of failure costs
The A/E/C industry is still strongly paper oriented. As documents are electronically created, there is still the need to convert this information to paper and back again to electronic formats when required. Making sure that the right document is used in the right place can prevent costly failures and liability issues.

  • Optimize document processes with OcÚ Solution Delivery Process services
  • Transform your analog archive into digital with OcÚ Scan-to-Archive solution
  • Generate exceptionally high quality prints with the OcÚ TDS450, OcÚ TDS800 or OcÚ TCS500 printing, copying and scanning systems
OcÚ PlotWave 900 Black and White Large Format Printer
Smart investments in new technologies
Architecture, engineering and construction companies have one thing in common – they all work with small margins, in particular, the General Contractor. Although many realize new technologies can contribute to cost reductions, faster project turnaround time and a higher level of innovation, new investments in IT are always very carefully considered.

  • Productive, state-of-the-art printing, copying, scanning systems with a low cost per print with the OcÚ TDS and TCS families
  • Seamless integration of printers and software into your IT infrastructure with OcÚ Solution Delivery Process services
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OcÚ Consulting Services (PDF)
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