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New, Highly Productive OcÚ TCS500 Color CAD Printer Provides Uncompromising Speed and Quality

Large Format Color System Leverages the Power of Fully Concurrent Processing, Printing, Copying and Scanning

April 6, 2006, Chicago – OcÚ (Nasdaq: OCENY), a global leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, today unveiled the OcÚ TCS500 large format integrated print/copy/scan system for color CAD and GIS users in the AEC, government, utilities, manufacturing and reprographic industries. Its revolutionary new Dynamic Switching Technology automatically optimizes print speed and print quality when printing lines, text, and images in the same document. The OcÚ TCS500 harnesses the power of concurrent processing, printing, copying and scanning to make it the most productive large format color CAD print system on the market and a top choice for producing quantities of large format technical documents such as detailed CAD line drawings and complex GIS files.

The OcÚ TCS500 is the successor to the proven OcÚ TCS400 – the first truly integrated color print/copy/scan system for large format technical documents. It is ideally suited for inkjet users who need more print throughput than their current printer provides and for users transitioning from the combination of an older monochrome device, traditional inkjet color plotter and standalone scanner. With the OcÚ TCS500, organizations now have a cost-effective growth path to meet their changing demands.

"It's the best of all worlds," explained Sal Sheikh, Vice President, Marketing, OcÚ Wide Format Printing Systems division of OcÚ North America. "Customers don't have to forego quality for fast turnaround time, which is generally the case with other color CAD printers. With the OcÚ TCS500, there's no trade-off between crisp, rich color output and the ability to meet uncompromising deadlines. Large format CAD and GIS users get one machine doing the work of many – faster than they ever thought possible."

The OcÚ TCS500's ability to handle today's increasing volume of color technical documents, coupled with its fast, convenient handling of monochrome jobs, brings many benefits to total large format workflow in several key areas – productivity, quality, ease of use and reliability.

Featured OcÚ TCS500 Capabilities

Most Productive CAD System on the Market

The new OcÚ TCS500 is unsurpassed in overall productivity. It provides true concurrency – robust processing, printing, copying and scanning simultaneously – resulting in bottom-line time savings and measurable productivity benefits. Fast, high throughput is evident in the OcÚ TCS500's ability to deliver an E-size color CAD line drawing in just 60 seconds and only 40 seconds for monochrome. Operators can even change media and ink cartridges without interrupting workflow while the system is printing – a feature unique to OcÚ technology – to maximize time spent focusing on core business functions instead of tending to equipment. Furthermore, the powerful Oce Power Logic« Controller with its 80 GB hard disk capacity processes files extremely quickly and processes the next file while the current one is printing, minimizing delays and waiting time aggravations. Users gain true workhorse productivity – up to 900 feet of media can be printed without a roll change, and the unique copy receiving rack professionally stacks up to 200 E-size prints for unattended or overnight printing.

Uncompromising Quality with OcÚ Dynamic Switching Technology

No longer does a user have to sacrifice print speed for print quality, thanks to OcÚ's new Dynamic Switching technology. This revolutionary new technology guarantees the optimum trade-off automatically without additional adjustments by the operator. Whether the original contains lines and text, images, or both, OcÚ Dynamic Switching Technology eliminates any guesswork in choosing the correct print setting or the need to choose multiple, complex print settings. By automatically "sensing" each part of a mixed image (from fine lines to photographs and everything in between) and determining the best print quality and print speed for these individual areas, OcÚ Dynamic Switching Technology delivers optimum print quality without sacrificing productivity. Also, thanks to the proven OcÚ Image Logic« technology, copy quality can even be better than that of the original. A range of convenient color management modes gives users complete control of their color output.

Easy Handling of Complex Jobs with the Push of a Button

Users benefit from a fully integrated solution that is as easy to use as monochrome systems. The advanced job submission software allows even the most complex jobs to be easily created, stored and loaded without having to open the native application. Scanning or copying large format, hard copy originals and color mark-ups are easy with the OcÚ Green Button "one touch" approach. Plus, an intuitive control panel allows users to create job templates, which saves time in handling recurring copy and scan jobs. Complex operations can be performed with just the push of a single button. Finally, with the Advanced Queue Manager, operators have full view and control of all pending and active jobs.

Unrivaled Reliability

Finally, the OcÚ TCS500 ensures a safe and reliable investment with consistently high output quality. For example, the OcÚ TCS500 scanner uses a single mirror, single camera concept to minimize the number of moving parts and calibrations and eliminate the need for image stitching. In addition, the modular architecture of the OcÚ TCS500 offers a cost-effective, flexible growth path to meet the changing needs of users' business and work processes. Durable construction combined with award-winning OcÚ service provide users a complete solution with the highest level of productive uptime.


The new OcÚ TCS500 is available now. It is the first in a series of new wide format color printers to be introduced to the market by OcÚ this year. For more information, call OcÚ at 800-714-4427 or visit

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