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For All Your Imaging Supplies - Call on OcÚ

A complete line of imaging supplies from Oce.

Oce offers imaging supplies with everything from printer paper to specialty films. Plus, all of our imaging supplies work with all OcÚ printers -- as well as virtually all other leading brand names.

When you order from OcÚ, you are assured of consistent high quality results time after time. All of OcÚ imaging supplies carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Lines of imaging supplies for every system and application

If your imaging supplies requirements include bond papers, vellums, or polyester films for CAD inkjet plotting, ammonia or non-ammonia process media for diazo copying, and laser plotting as well as every day office use, then Oce supplies is the one stop for you.

We carry a complete range of wide format and display graphics media. You can choose from almost 1,500 papers, specialty films, toners and other supplies for all major brands. We can meet your needs for special presentation and photobase papers. You can even call us for specialty films, canvas, vinyl and more. No matter what supplies you need, you can always call on OcÚ.

It's easy to select the right supplies at OcÚ

On our Printer / Media Compatibility page, you simply select the printer brand, model number / name, and ink type. Then with a single click, you will receive a complete list of every compatible Oce media.

Engineering bond for wide format engineering and architectural plans, prints, diagrams and charts. Presentation papers and tinted bond, color and monochrome check plots and final plots. Plain paper vellums are available for all plain paper and laser monochrome plotters.

Whether you need photopaper and presentation bond or specialty films like glossy canvas and backlit film, Oce has it on hand and makes it easy to order.

Oce supplies are available via phone, fax or through your nearest authorized dealer. We offer an extensive range of paper, toner, media, films and more for scanners, plotters, printers and copying systems for office and large format applications.

With a full range of products that covers the entire spectrum of graphics needs. We dare to reach beyond what other companies do. In terms of our range of systems. In terms of our comprehensive service. In terms of our commitment to finding new technological solutions (rather than relying on the way it's always been done).

At OcÚ, we offer more than the best copiers and printers. We're great to do business with as well. Working face to face with you to help you choose printing and copying systems based on your need to be productive. In short, we go further than those other copier and printer companies, who simply drop a machine at your company loading dock and wish you luck. Our comprehensive approach makes life easier for you. And gives you real user benefits like productivity, high quality and cost effectiveness.

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Display Graphics
Oce Aqueous Inkjet Media
     Matte Paper
     Pressure Sensitive Media
     Outdoor Media
Oce Pro-Select™
Oce Options™ Inkjet Media

CAD / Inkjet
     Bond Papers
     Polyester Films

CAD Plain Paper Copying
     Engineering Bond
     Presentation Papers & Tinted Bond
     Vellums & Translucent Bond

Production Printing
     Roll Paper
     Cut Sheet Paper
     Fanfold Paper

Product Literature
Aqueous Media Compatibility (PDF)
Solvent Media Compatibility (PDF)
Solvent Media Product Guide (PDF)
Oce Options™ Product Guide (PDF)
Aqueous Media Features & Benefits (PDF)
Oce Imaging Supplies - Quick Specs (PDF)

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